Jane Sattentau, Kimberly Romaine and Elizabeth Barber ran the London Marathon.

Jane Sattentau was diagnosed with Graves’ disease during her second year at university. Jane began her training just four months before running the marathon. “The feeling when I crossed the ?nish line was worth all the pain of getting there. I am really happy to be giving my sponsorship money to a cause close to my heart.”

Kimberley Romaine was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 1998 when she was 20 years old. “I wanted to run the London Marathon for the BTF. It is so important to get the word out. I thoroughly enjoyed the run although my time was of?cially my worst – my legs gave out!”

Elizabeth Barber ran her second London Marathon for BTF in 2006. “What an atmosphere… and what a thrill to pound my way under the ?nish banner and to know that this ex-Graves’disease sufferer had scored a substantial ‘personal best’ for the distance” (of?cial time: 3hr 48min 30secs). £3000

fundraiser simber

...And our first London Marathon runner was Jane Simber in 2002