Katrina Rutherford raised nearly £150 by completing four incredible challenges in Shanghai. She climbed Mount Huangshan, climbed the Shanghai World Financial Center, ran the Yangpu 8K run and finally the 2014 Shanghai Half Marathon in December.

Rachael Senior low res

Rachael Senior has raised a fantastic £700 for the BTF by completing the Ipswich Half Marathon in September. She tells us the reason she decided to take on this challenge:

'In 2013 my eldest brother was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. In March he had surgery to remove the lump followed by radiotherapy a few months later. He has had numerous check ups since and everything is still going well.

'In November, my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Although it isn't life threatening it was a shock and all we could think was 'give us a break!'

'After such a deflating year for our family I decided to make 2014 a positive one. I wanted to raise some money for a charity by doing something so outrageous for me that it would make people think they mis-heard. So In January 2014 I decided that I, Rachael Senior, the overweight, unfit, procrastinating, lazy, alcohol- and junk food- guzzling, vast slug that I am would take part in the Ipswich Half Marathon in September and I would raise money for two big causes close to my heart - the BTF and East Suffolk Prostate Support Group.

'I spent the next nine months going out on runs twice a week, sometimes by myself but towards the end with my training buddy Scott who also took part in the half marathon with me, and every Friday going round my brother's to use his home gym and get his advice and support on training, eating and drinking.

'The race day came and all were amused that my running number was 118 - so out came the emergency moustaches and I started the 13.1 miles with a smile and a 'tache - I ended it two hours 53 minutes and 12 seconds later just wanting to cry with relief that it was over. It was easily the hardest thing I have physically had to do.

'But the important thing was I did it. Nine months beforehand I ran less than a half a mile with stops in between and I didn't feel like there was enough oxygen in the world to save me, and yet here I was completing 13.1 miles in under three hours!

Xmas tree low res

One of our members, Sarah Carr, decorated a Christmas tree in their local church - St Mary's Church, Gosport as part of a sponsored Christmas tree festival. Sarah and her family decorated the tree with lots of gold and silver thyroids and also left information about the BTF for people to take at the bottom of the tree. Sarah's daughter Cicely, who has hypothyroidism, is pictured here

Michael Knowles movember low res

Michael Knowles raised over £300 for the BTF by taking part in Michael Knowles movember low res 'Movember' (growing a moustache for the whole of November). His wife Lesley-Anne has an underactive thyroid - here he is with his moustache at the end of November.

Catherine Preedy low res

Catherine Preedy took part in the Cardiff Half Marathon in October after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism three years ago. She said: 'It was amazing but hard work. I ran with my friend Kate Hatch and we kept each other going through all of it and I wouldn't have been able to complete it without knowing that I was running for such an amazing charity'. Catherine had a total thyroidectomy two days after the race. She also ran in the 2015 London marathon for BTF.

Syz Goss jumping over fire low res

Syz Goss raised nearly £350 by taking part in 'The Spartan Race Trifecta' in September and October 2014. This race consisted of three events, a 3+ mile, 8+ mile and 13+ mile obstacle race (which have to be completed in a calendar year to gain the trifecta!). Syz's daughter Tiffani was born without a thyroid gland but has had a relatively normal childhood thanks to early diagnosis and support. Syz said: 'Information and support from the BTF has given us the knowledge to understand some of the hurdles she has had to overcome in her development from baby through to teenager, and now I wish to pay them back by raising as much as I can. The races have been excellent and I actually managed to be placed in the top 200 out of over 3,000 entrants in the races!'.


Sam Reeves completed the Tough Mudder in August which is a 12 mile obstacle course involving fire, water, electric shocks, splinters, tight spaces, lots of running and loads of mud! Sam raised £262 and ran for the BTF as his wife was diagnosed with and has beaten thyroid cancer.


Steve Robb, a veteran fundraiser for us, has now undertaken an incredible three marathons and a half marathon in 2014 and raised over £250. His daughter Eilidh was born with congenital hypothyroidism and Steve is determined to raise as much as he can for the BTF. So ran in the Alloa Half Marathon in March, the Manchester Marathon in April, the Strathearn Marathon in June and the Highland Perthshire Marathon in September.


Neil Rutherford raised £350 by taking part in his first ever half marathon, The Great Cumbrian Run in October. Neil said: 'For years I've broken my drunken New Year's resolution to run a half marathon. But after seeing a photo of myself with my newborn daughter last year I became determined to lose weight, get fit and make her proud of me.' Neil's daughter was diagnosed with congenital hypothyroidism soon after birth. Neil's sister Katrina is also completing some exciting challenges to raise funds too

Emily Heseltine low res

Emily Heseltine completed the Bristol Half Marathon in September and raised a fantastic £800! Emily said: 'I've suffered with Graves' disease for six years and after receiving radioactive treatment last summer I'm almost completely cured. For every day I'm able to complete a full day at work AND go out in the evening, I feel like the luckiest person alive! This is why I wanted to put my full health to good use and I am so pleased to have been able to raise £800 for the BTF. To any fellow sufferers, hang in there, it will get better'.


Roisin Sharp who suffers from hypothyroidism and her dad ran the Mini Great North Run (1.5km) in September and have raised over £500!

Three year old Theo who also suffers from hypothyroidism and his friend Maisie took part too and have raised an incredible £1000!