fund catherine harper

Catherine Harper zip-wired from the Tyne Bridge for us in October and raised over £100. She explained the reasons for taking on this challenge: 'I'm marking my 30th birthday, and have chosen the BTF as I have had an underactive thyroid for the past couple of years. It's managed with treatment and I would like to give something back to help others with the condition.'


Louise Ballantyne, whose mum suffers from an under-active thyroid, took on an extreme endurance challenge in China for us and raised nearly £800! She took part in the Spartan Agoge Great Wall of China challenge, which involved running, carrying, crawling, climbing and trekking, but with added mental challenges and sleep deprivation for 60 continuous hours.


Zoe Haden ran the Cardiff Half Marathon in October and raised £350.

 fund amanda hobday
Amanda Hobday ran the Birmingham Half Marathon in October and raised a staggering £2600! She explains: 'Having always been active and an avid runner, I lost the confidence and energy to continue when I was diagnosed with thyroid disease however since undergoing a full thyroidectomy, training for an event such as this has been one of my main goals and I am so happy that almost three years post surgery, I finally have the courage to tackle the 13.1 miles and to do so whilst fundraising for a charity such as the BTF was an honour.'
 gnr ian

Great North Run 2016

Seven runners took on this iconic race for us this year on an unseasonably hot day in September. They were: Ian Springthorpe (pictured), Chris Peart, Adam Perros, Martin Priestley, Mo Bhaskaran, Liz Killean (who raised £335) and Marika Wiebe-Williams

 gnr adam


Great North Run 2016

Adam Perros raised over £300 and said: 'When the day of the run arrived I was feeling underprepared and a little bit terrified about what I had got myself into. I was surprised to find the first seven miles very easy. However by mile eight I began to tire, and very nearly started walking at the tenth mile! The crowd (and the ice lollies and sweets they handed out!) spurred me on and I managed to finish the race in 1 hour 52 minutes and, despite being unable to walk for the following three days, cannot wait to run next year and beat that time! It was an amazing experience made so much more rewarding knowing that I had managed to raise money for the BTF!'

 gnr marika


Marika Wiebe-Williams raised £400 and said: 'Running the GNR for the BTF was an absolutely amazing experience. The atmosphere of almost 58,000 runners was just incredible. It was a very hot day (considering we were in Newcastle) so lots of runners did suffer in the heat. I was really pleased to get a time of 2 hours 4 minutes and 33 seconds. Almost back to where I was pre hyper thyroid! Thank you to everyone who has supported me!'

 gnr chris


Chris Peart who raised nearly £800 said: 'It was a great experience to take part with so many other runners and the atmosphere really made the day.'



Martin Priestley raised £440 and said 'It was a fantastic day especially with the Red Arrows, it was hard work though and the sunglasses mask my pain!'

 gnr mo


Mo Bhaskaran said: 'I started quite near the back (punishment for late registration I think). Therefore getting through the crowds did slow me down and this meant that having missed out on my kids' primary goal (can you beat Mo Farah Daddy?) I then also (just) missed out on their secondary target (well, can you beat his wife then?)'.

 fund viv craig


Viv Craig raised over £100 from a 'onesie' day at work and a cake sale. She chose the BTF as her step daughter has congenital hypothyroidism. She said 'My step daughter is only five but never moans about taking her medication or having to go to the hospital - other than a bit of anxiety in regard to the blood test and is doing really well.'

 fund rachel harrop
 fund jo downes
Rachael Harrop and Jo Downes both completed the York 10k in August. Jo raised nearly £800 and explained her reasons for running for the BTF: 'Our daughter was diagnosed with Congenital Hypothyroidism through the heel prick test. She was just two weeks old. With the help of the wonderful team at Great Ormond Street and BTF information online, we have over the last four years learnt so much.' Rachael, who has an underactive thyroid raised nearly £350 and said 'I pushed myself at the end, thanks to a friend who said he would double his sponsor money if I beat 1 hour 15 minutes so I went for it when I spotted the pacer near the end!!'
Jill Liddington 2016 low res 

Jill Liddington raised £150 by walking the South Downs Way in July. Jill explained her reasons: 'I have had hyperthyroidism for five years now, and it has made me realise how very many people, especially women, suffer from this common thyroid condition. As part of my seventieth birthday celebrations. I walked 80 miles with friends along this beautiful Sussex trail, from the border with Hampshire across the Downs to Eastbourne.'

 fund amber burns

Sixteen year old Amber Burns has raised a fantastic £75 by holding a cake sale at her school.

fund linda smith 

The Inner Wheel Club of Ipswich Orwell chose the BTF as their charity of the year. Linda Smith, their President who has an underactive thyroid, helped organise a garden party and raised over £500. Over the year the group has managed to raise over £1000 for the BTF!

fund ben nevis 

Corinne Neill and a group of her friends and family climbed Ben Nevis in June (in a heat wave!) in remembrance of Corinne’s sister Gwen who recently passed away after battling thyroid cancer. They have raised over £700 so far to support the work of the BTF in Gwen's memory. Gwen’s family also donated £470 from a collection held at her funeral and Corrine’s husband Graham nominated the BTF for a recent charity day held by Caddies at Muirfield Golf Club and raised an amazing £1520.


Lottie Brand raised nearly £400 by holding a sponsored silence for seven days - quite a challenge! Lotty explained her reasons for the challenge: 'Before Christmas I had half of my thyroid removed and one of the risks of this surgery was temporary or permanent voice loss. This is very rare and thankfully I suffered neither, but it did make me seriously ponder what it would be like to lose the use of my voice. I wanted people to think about the things we all take for granted'.

fundraiser aararabi k

Eleven year old Aarabi Ketheeswaranathan raised £30 by selling cards she had made to her friends and relatives.

Joanne Lewis raised £44 for the BTF by running the Coventry Half Marathon.