Joe Straw, BTF trustee, raised over £600 with the first of his fundraising challenges - a 300 foot bungee jump at Tatton Park, Cheshire. Joe says, "I jumped after two other great people who were also bungee jumping for charity so it was good to chat to them and feel like we were all in the same boat, the theme was the same, we all said that we were saying to ourselves in our heads “what on earth are we doing” but then most of the unease left when we remembered the reasons we were jumping, mine was remembering the great work the BTF do for all people with thyroid disease."
Penelope Bailey took part in the Virtual Runner challenge. Karen says: My challenge began when I decided to do 40 different things in two years before I reach the big 40. I signed up to the Virtual Runner challenge to gain the RAF 100 medal. I decided to walk 100 miles (160.934km) throughout the month of April and set a goal of raising £100. I worked out that I needed to do at least 3.33 miles a day. Day one was Easter Sunday and too much chocolate! I only managed to do 0.62 of a mile. Not a good start, but by the end of week one, I was already ahead of the game, having reached 30 miles. As I headed towards the rest of the month I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, with the weather putting in a few challenges of its own (like the hottest day). Previously setting goals for my self, such as doing my first ever 10k and competing a 5k on the hottest day of the year, was all I needed to keep the miles ticking over. By week three, I was already at 86 miles. Little did I know at day one, I would finish four days early. I can’t thank everyone enough who supported me; the BTF for the fabulous t-shirt, the positive comments that kept me going, and your donations which has raised a fantastic £167.50 for the BTF. Having an underactive thyroid wasn’t going to stop me from achieving my goal, but at the start I didn’t think I would have the energy. So if your reading this and want to do a challenge go on and take a step out, I walked 100 Miles in a month! Good luck and thanks for reading.
Vicky Flower a teacher, wanted to raise funds for both BTF and Moorfields Eye Charity. When discussing Lent at school with her class, Vicki decided she should really do something helpful this year and give up cake for charity.Vicky had Graves’ disease at nineteen, so it seemed obvious that the British Thyroid Foundation should receive some of the money! She is now thirty-four and has been given some surgery to correct her Graves’ ‘stare’ which she says went well.In total, she raised just over £100, which will be split between the two charities.She would like to remind everyone to never give up, even when at times life feels impossible! You will get there in the end!
fund jordan hammond
Jordan Hammond decided at the start of the year to not have a beer until he had completed the ASCIS Greater Manchester Marathon on 8 April 2018. At the time his mum had been having a lot trouble with her underactive thyroid and seemed a bit down. It made him want to try help. His mum gets a lot of advice from the BTF Facebook page. So he decided to run a marathon and raise funds for the BTF. He reached his target of £260 and his family was very proud of him.
fund joe straw
Joe Straw, BTF trustee ran in The Asda Foundation Sheffield Half Marathon on 8 April 2018 and he thoroughly enjoyed it. Joe says ‘the day was perfect and it was ideal running weather and was fantastic to represent the British Thyroid Foundation amongst many other amazing charities, running alongside wild and wonderful costumes. The route and scenery was beautiful, beginning in the centre of Sheffield and heading out into the Peak District before coming back to finish in the city centre to a rapturous crowd.' So far Joe has raised £335 for the BTF.
fund michelle morden
Michelle Morden took part in the Virgin London Marathon 2018 on the 22 April. Michelle decided to run in the race after being diagnosed with Hashimotos. She was then diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in 2006. Michelle says: ‘It was a fantastic day some miles harder than others. Thrilled to raise over £1000 for the charity. Thank you for the tweets and the encouraging words’.
paddy mumby
Well done to Paddy Mumby who raised over £590 whilst taking part in the London Royal Parks Half Marathon in October. His daughter Saoirse was born without a thyroid and he wants to raise money to help others like her in the future.
Cameron Whitelaw who raised a fantastic £540 when he took part in the Great West Run Exeter 2017 Half Marathon in October 2017. His wife has Graves' disease and he wanted to raise awareness.
Congratulations and a huge thank you to Luke Hudson, Katherine Storey, Ailsa Macmillan, Mike Holliday-Williams and Roisin Sharp who all took part in the Simplyhealth Great North Run in September 2017 to raise awareness about thyroid disorders. Between them they raised over £3100.
Lauren Worthy and her mum took part in the Leeds 10k in July and raised £115.
Sheila Benbow ran in the Great Midlands Fun Run in June. Many of her family members have an under-active thyroid and she raised £122 for BTF.
katja gomer
This year we had three runners who took part in the Vitality British 10K Run. Congratulations and thank you to Anastasia Pinches, Katja Gomer and Brigita Vaskelyte.

Joe Plater, who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2016, has raised over £3500 for the BTF by organising a sponsored gaming live stream! He started a YouTube channel in May 2016 and said: ‘I threw myself in to the channel whilst recovering from operations. I had what I thought would be a tough target to hit of £1000 but it was smashed within seven hours!’


Daniel Holborn has raised over £400 by shaving off his beard! Daniel’s wife Katie has Graves’ disease and thyroid eye disease and they are keen to help raise awareness. Daniel works for Santander and the money he raised will be matched by the bank. He also took part in the 140km Velothon Wales in July to raise even more money. 


Clare Duffy, who has an under-active thyroid, took on the Tough Mudder Scotland Half in June and raised over £300.

 Kim Mellor and team before low res

Kim Mellor and a group of friends ran the Born Survivor (a very muddy obstacle challenge!) for BTF. Kim has a few family members that suffer from thyroid problems and a close family friend has Graves’ disease.

 Neil Millen low res

Neil Millen cycled the vertical height of Mount Everest (29,029 feet!) in the Alps with his local cycling club the Kentisbeare Oldies Cycling Society (KOCS) and raised £1042! Neil’s family have been severely affected by Graves’ disease over the last five years.


Hilary Burns took part in the Northumberland coastal challenge marathon on 1 May and raised £200.


Paul Davis gained his own place in the Virgin London Marathon and has raised over £500. His daughter has congenital hypothyroidism and Paul wanted to raise as much as he can following great support from the BTF. After the race he said: 'I had an amazing life experience running the marathon. Saw the iconic sights, went through some hard miles, chatted to some amazing people and raised a little cash in the process for an amazing cause'.