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BTF Telephone Support Contacts

Our volunteer telephone contacts are happy to take calls on the thyroid disorders listed that they have experienced. Please see the key below:

Angela (U) 01943 873427 Karen (U) 01628 529212
Carole (FC,CS,RAI) 01204 853557  Nia5 (U) 01942 819195
Colin (O) 02476 711577 or 07973 861225 Maria (U) 0751 8013058
Dave (PC,CS,RAI) 07939 236313 Olwen (O,RI,U) 01536 513748
Gay (G,TS) 0208 735 9966 Penny (Ch) 01225 421348
Helen (O,TS,TED) 01858 525770 Peter5 (TED,GR)01200 429145
Jackie (PC,CS) 01344 621836 Ursula (U) 07720 659849
Jane (GR, RI,TED,G,U) 01737 352536  Wilma (U) 01592 754688


BTF Local Coordinators

Our local coordinators organise meetings and those with phone numbers below will also be happy to take calls on thyroid disorders listed that they have experienced. Please see the key below.

  • Birmingham Janet9 (PC,CS,RAI,PH) 0121 6287435
  • Cambridge Mary8 (GR,RI,U) 01223 290263
  • Edinburgh Margaret (PC) 0131 6647223
  • Leeds (Wharfedale) Caroline (O,U) 0113 288 6393
  • London Denise 1 (U) 07984 145343
  • Milton Keynes Wilma (U) 01908 330290



The key will signpost you to the appropriate person with your thyroid query. The initials listed behind the telephone contact name are explained below.

1 2pm to 8pm Tuesdays and Wednesdays RAI Radioactive iodine (I-131) ablation
210am to 12 noon weekdays GR Graves’ disease
3 Afternoons only Ch Thyroid disorders in children
4 7pm to 9.30pm G Goitre
5 After 6pm weekdays and anytime weekends C Cancer of the thyroid
6 Not available to take calls RI Radioactive iodine treatment for an over-active thyroid
7 4pm to 6pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday TS Thyroid Surgery (non-cancer)
8 2pm to 7pm weekdays FC Follicular cancer of the thyroid
9 6pm to 8pm weekdays TED Thyroid eye disease
U Under-active thyroid
PC Papillary cancer of the thyroid
PH Post-operative hypoparathyroidism
ITSH Isolated TSH deficiency
HCN Hürthle Cell Neoplasm
O Over-active thyroid
CS Thyroid cancer surgery

Medical Queries

We are currently receiving a high volume of medical queries electronically. We are therefore only able to reply medical queries sent by members of the BTF at present. We do however have a comprehensive range of guides on thyroid disorders and treatments available to download for free:
Access our guides to thyroid disorders and treatments.
Download our free factsheet on thyroid and diet.
Download a BTF membership form.




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10 March 2015
Patient journeys - BTF films

We are delighted to have produced a series of short films featuring people talking about their experience of hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer.




22 January 2015
Fight for Sight and BTF Co-fund New Research

A research grant co-funded by Fight for Sight and the British Thyroid Foundation has been awarded to researchers at London's NIHR Biomedical Research Centre at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and UCL Institute of Ophthalmology




15 December 2014
Thyroid cancer - patient journeys

BTF has produced four short films for patients with thyroid cancer. Please get in touch if you would like more information or support.




4 December 2014
Levothyroxine survey

Please take part in this new online survey which will help improve the information and services available to patients




5 November 2014

Patient Knowledge of antithyroid drug-induced agranulocytosis - article published in the European Thyroid Journal.




14 October 2014
BTF Research Award 2015

Applications for the BTF Research Award 2015 are now being accepted. This year in particular we welcome projects that will improve our understanding of hypothyroidism.




July 2014 BTA Guidelines for the Management of Thyroid Cancer
These have now been published online. You can find them here or download them as a pdf here



July 2014 BSL Signed Information Clips
SignHealth have created a series of signed informational videos about thyroid issues. Find them on their website here



8 June 2014
Iodine supplements for a healthy thyroid

Information about the importance of taking iodine supplements and who needs them.




Drug Availability Updates
The latest news and updates from pharmaceutical companies can be found below.




Current Surveys

We have surveys for which participants are required.


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