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Thyroid disease is rare in children and in newborn babies, however, if your child is diagnosed with thyroid disease, it can be distressing. There is little information and support for children with thyroid disease, and for parents/carers. The British Thyroid Foundation is working to fill this gap.

Current Supporters of our Children's Project:

Bettys & Taylors or Harrogate 2011 Grant Award
Society for Endocrinology 2011 Grant Award

What the BTF Children’s Project has accomplished so far:

We have created a comprehensive website area for children with thyroid disease, and their parents/carers, which includes

  • Dr Tim’s News – Brief articles by Dr Tim Cheetham, consultant paediatric endocrinologist, explaining thyroid disease as it relates to children;
  • Letters from Parents, Carers and Children to ‘Dr Tim’ with questions about thyroid disease;
  • Just for Children - Information for children that explains hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism that explains thyroid disorder in language childrend can understand. These articles can be read with a parent/carer to help the child understand their condition.
  • We have telephone support contacts for parents/carers of children with a thyroid condition.

What the BTF Children’s Project will accomplish:

  • Many parents feel at a loss when questions arise about symptoms, treatment, care and future health. It is with this is in mind that we are publishing Thyroid conditions in babies, children and young people: A guide for parents and carers – an informative booklet with practical information and case studies to guide families through their child’s illness. This booklet will be released on our website soon.
  • Dr Tim Cheetham news articles for the Dr Tim’s News page.
  • We will continue to answer any medical queries concerning children and thyroid disease and, with permission, post questions and answers on the Letters from Parents, Carers and Children page on the BTF website.
  • We wish recruit more telephone contacts to support children with thyroid disease and their families; the volunteers will be parents/carers whose children have experienced conditions such as thyroid eye disease, hypothyroidism, Graves’ disease, and thyroid cancer.

What BTF wants to accomplish:

  • We have applied for funds to create a short animated streaming video for our website to help children understand their condition. The film and various interactive learning games will provide children with information in an accessible way and will use vocabulary that helps them express to others how they feel about their illness. The streaming video will provide a tool that parents can use to explain to their children what is happening.
  • We are designing a new poster that, we hope, will be displayed in all UK paediatric and endocrine clinics, and will inform parents/carers and children about the support that the BTF can offer and about the children’s area on the BTF website.
  • We are in the early planning stages of setting up a focus group involving parents/carers of children with thyroid disease. The focus group will meet to discuss the needs of families in order to be able to support them.
  • We would like to deliver a conference in partnership with our medical advisors and parents/carers, where children and their families can share experiences and receive support and information from the medical profession and BTF.








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23 April 2014
UK wide study of patients with Differentiated Thyroid Cancer

A UK wide study is being planned to determine the long term health outcomes following the treatment (with surgery, radio-iodine, thyroxine) of patients with Differentiated Thyroid Cancer.




23 April 2014
The latest news about Levothyroxine and Eltroxin tablets from Andipharm Mercury (AMCo)

AMCo have produced literature to help clear up any confusion for some patients about which products are available, and whether products marketed by AMCo as branded Eltroxin or as generic levothyroxine are the same or different.




2 April 2014
BTF Christmas cards for sale

We have a selection of BTF Christmas cards which we're selling off at reduced prices.




28 January 2014
Thyroid Cancer Patient Information film

Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust have produced a new film for patients who have been newly diagnosed with thyroid cancer




Patient information event to take place for people with Thyroid Eye Disease
The meeting will be held on 16 May 2014 in Newcastle upon Tyne and will be a fantastic opportunity for patients to meet European and UK experts, find out about the latest advances, and get involved in discussions about the priorities of future research into TED.




14 January
Volunteers wanted for patient film project

BTF is looking for people to take part in 3 short films we'll be making about hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer.




8 January
Thyroid Eye Disease and Smoking Cessation Leaflet

If you've had Graves' and/or TED then please read a new smoking cessation leaflet and let us have your feedback.




12 December
Thyroid Eye Disease Study Team (WALES)

The NISCHR CRC is looking for two volunteers with experience of thyroid eye disease to take part in a study.




2 December
Response to Petition #PE01463 to Scottish Parliament

The BTF has submitted a response to Petition #PE01463 to the Scottish Parliament about the treatment of thyroid and adrenal disorders.




5 November 2013
Thyroid Eye Disease Research

Congratulations to Matt Edmunds of the University of Birmingham who has been awarded the Fight for Sight/BTF and TEDct Research Award.




23 October 2013
Carbimazole shortage

Mercury Pharma report a shortage in the supply of carbimazole 20mg




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