About the BTF

The British Thyroid Foundation (BTF) was set up in 1991 and is dedicated to helping people with thyroid conditions. Our aims are to:

  • provide support for people with thyroid disorders and for their families
  • provide information to people with thyroid disorders and to the medical profession
  • establish regional support groups
  • raise funds for research

About the research award

The BTF offers a £20,000 annual award to support a two-year research project into thyroid function or thyroid disorders. 

Who can apply?

Researchers working on projects in the UK. The project must be based in the UK (ie the majority of the work must be carried out in the UK), supervised in the UK and publications arising from the research must be in an English language journal from a UK centre. The BTF must be acknowledged in any publication.

The applicant must ensure that appropriate ethical approval is in place wherever research is carried out.

How can the award be used?

The award can be used to supplement existing projects or to help get research ideas started. The funds are available for consumables, running costs and equipment but not personal computers. Any equipment purchased will belong to your institution after the project is completed. Support for staff costs/salaries will only be considered if they can be justified.

How to apply

Please complete the application form and email it to research-award@btf-thyroid.org together with a short CV and a high resolution passport-size photo by midnight on 31 January 2020. Your one-page CV should include qualifications, previous and present appointments, three relevant presentations/publications, active grant income. Any other additional material will not be considered. In the event that your application is successful we would like to publish your photo, together with your lay summary, on the BTF website and in the BTF newsletter.

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)

The BTF is an NIHR partner organisation in respect of its Research Awards funding stream. Studies funded through this funding stream are eligible for inclusion in the NIHR Clinical Research Network Portfolio and therefore able to access NHS support via the NIHR Clinical Research Network infrastructure. You can find further information about the NIHR Clinical Research Network Portfolio here.

Deciding who gets the award

A panel appointed by the Trustees of the BTF will referee applications. We will assess your application by looking at each of the following:

  1. Your track record
  2. The quality of your research proposal
  3. Value for money
  4. The extent to which the proposal shows the potential impact of the project, particularly with relevance to patients

Occasionally referees may require applicants to clarify certain aspects of their application.

We will award marks out of six for each of the above categories. The award will be given to the application that achieves the highest score and is considered to be of a high standard.

An award may not be made if the panel considers that applications are not of a sufficiently high standard.


The award must be used only for the purpose set out in the application as approved by the Trustees of the British Thyroid Foundation. Any changes must first be agreed with the Trustees. Extensions are not normally considered.

  • The award is not transferable without the approval of the Trustees of the BTF.
  • The award will be paid in three stages: 50% at the beginning, 25% after receipt of the interim report at twelve months and 25% upon submission and our acceptance of the final report and financial statement including copies of receipts.
  • The Trustees of the BTF have the right to withdraw the award if the project is not started within six months of the award being made. You must return any award money to the BTF if the project is cancelled at any time or not started within six months of the award being made. You should also include an explanation stating why the project was cancelled or not started.
  • The Trustees of the BTF have the right to refuse a request for an extension.
  • Your project must comply with the safety and ethical regulations of your institution. If an application to the ethical committee of your institution is required and has not been made, this must be explained.
  • You should acknowledge the BTF in any media coverage or publication arising from your work, and include a link from your academic institution to the BTF website: www.btf-thyroid.org.
  • Three reports should be submitted to the BTF: at the beginning of the project, after twelve months, and when the project is completed. They will be featured in the BTF Newsletter and on the BTF website and therefore would need to be easily understood by a lay audience.
  • You must provide a final report and financial statement, including receipts, within four months of the project finishing. See below for details.
  • Following receipt of your research award, you may be invited to:
    • present your project at the following year’s annual meeting of the British Thyroid Association;
    • present your project at a BTF local group meeting.

Final report and financial statement

Your final report and financial statement should include:

  • details of the work carried out
  • a brief assessment of the significance of the work
  • a list of relevant publications
  • an account for publication in the BTF’s newsletter and on the BTF website. This will need to be easily understood by a lay audience and should include comments on the value of the project to your research.
  • a financial statement from the Finance Officer of your institution confirming receipt of the award and expenditure details, including copies of receipts.

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