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BTF Teddy £7.50

The BTF teddy is a 5” bean-filled bear complete with BTF t-shirt. All profits go to the BTF.

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BTF Wrist Bands £1.50

Show your support with a BTF wristband.

BTF Trolley Key Ring

BTF Trolley Key Ring £1.99

The BTF trolley key ring can be used at a supermarket, gym or swimming pool locker.

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Show your support with the British Thyroid Foundation lapel badge

Thyroid Disease - The Facts (Fourth Edition) by Michael Tunbridge and Mark Vanderpump

Thyroid Disease - The Facts (Fourth Edition) by Michael Tunbridge and Mark Vanderpump £15.25

Thyroid Disease: The Facts is a comprehensive guide for people with thyroid disorders and their families. It describes the wide range of conditions associated with thyroid dysfunction, from simple goitres to more complex disorders such as Graves' disease and Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Written in a clear and straightforward style, there is a useful question and answer section at the end of each chapter. This edition includes new chapters, including one about thyroid disorders in infants, children and adolescents.

Authors: Dr Michael Tunbridge is Emeritus Physician at the Nuffield Department of Medicine, Oxford, and Honorary Consulting Physician at Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust. Dr Mark Vanderpump is Consultant Physician and Senior Lecturer in Diabetes and Endocrinology with the Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust.

Published by Oxford University Press 978-0-19-920571-4, 200 pages. Fourth edition, January 2008. Paperback.

Thyroid Disorders by Dr Rowan Hilson

Thyroid Disorders by Dr Rowan Hilson £10.25

This is a comprehensive and sympathetic guide about the thyroid gland and how it works. It discusses overactive and underactive thyroid problems, thyroid eye disorders and goitres, covering the following: how to recognise when something is wrong; visiting the doctor; diagnosis and treatment; what causes problems and how to avoid them.

Author: Dr Rowan Hillson is National Clinical Director for Diabetes and consultant physician specialising in diabetes and endocrinology at Hillingdon Hospital, Uxbridge. She has been involved in the treatment of endocrine disorders for many years and is keen that people with thyroid disorders understand their condition and treatment, and are aware of the measures they can take to keep themselves healthy.

Published by Vermillion 0-09-188434-9, 185 pages. 2002. Paperback.

Thyroid Problems by Dr Tom Smith

Thyroid Problems by Dr Tom Smith £8.25

In an easily accessible style, Thyroid Problems describes the symptoms of different types of thyroid problems, complications and the various treatments available.

Author: Dr Tom Smith was a GP in Birmingham and South Ayrshire before becoming a medical adviser and later medical director of a major pharmaceutical company where he helped to publish clinical trials of new drugs. He has been a full time writer since 1977, publishing many popular medical books to his credit together with weekly medical columns in several regional newspapers.

Published by Wellhouse Publishing Ltd 1-903-784-01-8, 128 pages. 2001. Paperback.

The Healthy Thyroid by Patsy Westcott

The Healthy Thyroid by Patsy Westcott £13.25

The Healthy Thyroid (formerly Thyroid Problems) is a clear and practical guide to symptoms, treatment options and self-help measures for people who have, or think they may have a thyroid-related problem. This new edition has been restructured and updated and includes detailed information about natural health and complementary treatments, thyroid hormone tests and other orthodox medical procedures. It is an informative yet simple book that provides a ‘patients-eye’ view of thyroid imbalance.

Author: Patsy Westcott is a medical and health journalist with a special interest in women’s health.

Published by Harper Collins 0-00-714661-2, 247 pages. 2003. Paperback.

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