The RNIB produce information leaflets to help people understand more about their eye condition. They are currently reviewing their leaflet about TED and are looking for patients with experience of TED to give feedback. 


Give feedback about RNIB’s information on Thyroid Eye Disease (TED)

RNIB’s eye condition leaflets are designed to help you, your friends and family understand a little bit more about your eye condition. They are currently reviewing their information on thyroid eye disease (TED) and would like your help.

If you have TED or have had TED in the past, they would like to hear your thoughts on our information on TED. We will use your valuable feedback to help make our leaflet as useful as possible for other people affected by TED.

If you can spare some time to read their information leaflet and give  your feedback over a one hour telephone meeting in September, they would like to hear from you. This is open to people in the UK with TED whether you have sight loss or not.

To take part or to find out more please contact the RNIB Eye Health team on telephone 0207 391 3299 or email

To find out more about the RNIB please visit their website.

Thanks you for your interest!