Support for your weight loss and wellbeing goals 

Do you struggle with your weight?

Would you like to become more physically active?

Do you want to make some healthier changes to your lifestyle?

Why not register for our weight loss and wellbeing programme?

Weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight can be hard. For those of us with a thyroid condition, it can sometimes feel like it's even harder than for those around us. We also know that some physical symptoms of thyroid disorders, such as fatigue and muscle aches, can make it more difficult to exercise for some of us.

So, we wanted to develop an online programme specifically for people living with a thyroid disorder wishing to lose weight and make positive lifestyle changes.

We have worked with experts including a dietitian, exercise physiologist, chartered psychologist and endocrinologists to bring you information and tips to improve your understanding and help you achieve your goals.

Over the 12-week free-of-charge programme you will:

  • learn from our experts about the thyroid and weight management
  • receive tips, updates and patient stories to motivate and inspire you
  • have the opportunity to take part in our webinars with experts
  • have access to a community of other thyroid patients to support your progress

You will also be invited to share your progress and give feedback to help us understand which resources you find most useful. 

Introducing our experts

To help you achieve your weight loss goals safely and over the long term, our experts will offer guidance from the fields of endocrinology, science, nutrition, exercise and psychology.

Jonathan Hayes, registered dietician

'By doing this programme, you’re going to get the knowledge, education and expertise to help you achieve your goals in terms of weight loss and managing your thyroid condition.’

Jonathan works within NHS Lothian’s weight management service. He is passionate about helping patients understand their motivations for losing weight and setting realistic targets based on what works for them.

Joe Straw, exercise physiologist

‘My top tip for losing weight through exercise is to exercise for the health benefits. It is also important to do something you enjoy because you are more likely to keep it up.’

Joe will combine his professional background and experience of living with congenital hypothyroidism, to help you achieve sustainable levels of physical activity.

Dr Sue Jackson, chartered psychologist

‘For anyone who is starting the programme, I would say you might be in a really difficult place right now, you might feel overwhelmed, and that it’s all too hard. We are here to help you through this process. It’s do-able, you can get there; it might just take a while.’

Sue is an Associate Lecturer at the University of Plymouth and also works in private practice. She has a research interest in endocrine disorders and health service improvement studies. Sue will be sharing her insights to help you understand how our thoughts and feelings can influence our weight.


Our endocrine experts

  • Prof Kristien Boelaert, consultant endocrinologist (Birmingham)
  • Prof Pete Taylor, consultant endocrinologist (Cardiff)
  • Dr Angelos Kyriacou, consultant endocrinologist (Cyprus)
  • Prof Marian Ludgate, professor emerita in molecular endocrinology (Cardiff)
  • Prof Akheel Syed, consultant endocrinologist and specialist in obesity (Manchester)

Our experts will be delving deeper into the science behind weight loss and thyroid disease. Their guest articles will include:

  • why does the thyroid affect my weight?
  • is weight gain after treatment for hyperthyroidism inevitable?
  • do the genetics of thyroid disease explain the problems thyroid patients have?
  • what is my metabolic set point? Is my metabolism fixed?
  • do elimination diets work?
  • what is the role of the microbiome in weight?
  • does my type of thyroid condition make a difference to weight?

    Your questions answered

    Will the programme recommend a specific diet?

    Sadly there is no magic 'thyroid diet' and we know there is no ‘one size fits all approach.’ So, we will not be recommending that you follow a very specific diet plan. Instead, our experts will be sharing evidence-based information about diet, exercise and physical activity to help you find out what works best for you. Our experts will also explore the psychological issues around weight and offer tips on how to overcome any barriers you may encounter on your weight loss journey.

    In addition to supporting your weight loss goals, the programme is designed to help you increase your levels of physical activity. This will not only bring important health benefits, but also contribute to improved wellbeing.

    Are there any costs?

    No. Our programme is completely free of charge to take part thanks to funding support from the National Lottery Community Fund.

    How do I take part?

    Simply register on the link to get started.

    When you first log in to the live site, you will be asked a few questions about you and your health. We will ask you about your quality of life and how much physical exercise you currently manage on a regular basis.

    At weeks 4, 8 and 12 we will ask you a few more questions to monitor your progress.

    Register for our weight loss and wellbeing programme?

    Am I too late to join?

    No. You can register to join our programme up until Easter 2023. We will then send you weekly updates over the 12-week programme.

    What resources will I receive?

    Once you have completed the questionnaire, we will send you an email at the start of each week. This will contain a link to access the new resources for the week. It will include articles and films from our experts, and details of webinars you can register to join or watch in your own time. You will also be able to revisit any previous weeks’ resources and view patient stories at any time.

    We will also send you a reminder to input your weight. You can also tell us about your progress, e.g. what has gone well for you during the week, any changes in your activity levels, how you have been feeling and whether your energy levels have changed. 

    Is it only for thyroid patients?

    Whilst the information is aimed at people living with a thyroid disorder, it may also benefit those without a diagnosed thyroid condition. We also recognise it is often easier to lose weight with a friend or family member so you may find following the programme with a ‘buddy’ may really help! So, please feel free to share these resources with those around you.

    I don't need to lose weight. Is this programme still suitable for me?

    Yes. it is suitable for anyone wishing to know more about maintaining a healthy weight and improving wellbeing.

    I am not in the UK. Can I still take part?


    What will happen to my information?

    When taking part in this pilot project we will ask you to confirm that you are 18 or over and that you are happy for the BTF and the researchers we work with to use the anonymous data gathered. The information will be used to improve understanding of thyroid disorders and weight management and to improve resources for patients in the future.