BTF's Trustee Anna Reavell is taking on her first marathon this September! 

Anna's story...

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism over 10 years ago and my son was diagnosed age 9 with Graves disease (hyperthyroidism).  It was then that I became involved with the British Thyroid Foundation and was asked if I would like to become a trustee.  This has enabled me to become aware of the fantastic support and research that they do for all thyroid conditions.

In 2018 I was then diagnosed with the rare autoimmune disease ANCA Vasculitis.  This affected many parts of my body including my lungs and kidneys.  

My treatment has meant I have had to shield for the last 4.5 months.  Luckily, due to where I live I have been able to go outside without meeting people and decided to start running.  Initially I did Couch to 5k but then continued running further and decided I would try and train for a marathon!  This has not been easy due to my lung damage and requiring rituximab again in August.

I am running to raise money for both the British Thyroid Foundation and Vasculitis UK. I hope by raising money for these two charities they can continue their work and reach all the people that need them.

Due to how JustGiving works I have another page for Vasculitis UK.

Thank you so much for your support.  This journey has been really tough particularly over the last 3 years and at times I have barely been able to walk so never thought I would be attempting to run a marathon.


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