The challenge was fun to do, but definitely challenging at times. My Mum took part in some of my walks with me and cheered me on when I had days that I didn't feel 100% for. My Facebook was full of lovely messages, as well as donations. I had hit my target of £100 within the first few days of sharing the link. Support came from family, friends, my college, and my work- with a few people I didn't even know donating to my link. I feel as though I have raised awareness for a charity that doesn't always necessarily make the headlines. Before I was aware of thyroid conditions a few months ago, I didn't know much either. It's so important to educate people on the troubles others live with. I hope what I have done has helped to make a difference to the charity!

Ellie Giles

Ellie raised £141.00 for the BTF

On the walk selfie with BTF T-shirt