Please join us in Nottingham on Saturday 20 May for our Children's Conference.

This is your opportunity to hear from experts about thyroid disorders and how they can affect children. Attending the event is free of charge for all parents and children.*

Our medical speakers include paediatric endocrinologists, Dr Tabitha Randell, Dr Pooja Sachdev and Dr James Law, who will talk about different thyroid disorders, common symptoms, diagnosis and medication. They will also discuss ongoing care and give some practical tips and suggestions about ways to manage thyroid disease as your child grows.

They will be joined by consultant endocrine surgeon, Mr Christakis Ioannis. You will also have the chance to hear about any recent research developments.

Over the day, we will give some practical insights into living with thyroid disorders. Paediatric specialist nurse, Joanna Benson, will let you know ways in which your endocrine nurse can help you and Dr Sue Jackson will give advice on how to manage psychological symptoms. Mrs Anna Reavell will be speaking about her own experience of having a child with a thyroid condition.

Just as importantly, the day will be a unique opportunity for families to meet each other and share experiences. Please see our programme for more details.

In addition to the talks that are aimed at parents and carers, children and teenagers can join our breakout sessions. This will be an opportunity for them to learn more about their thyroid, and how to look after their thyroid health as they grow up.

All children and babies will be welcome at the event but we have arranged a mobile crèche to be set up in an adjoining room to provide childcare spaces for your child (or children) if you would like to use them.

The venue has free parking for those who plan to drive to event.

We are very grateful to the Society for Endocrinology and to The Edith Murphy Foundation for supporting this event.

*We do ask for a £20 deposit per adult to secure your place but we will refund this after participants have attended the event. Unfortunately, we will not be able to refund deposits if we receive your cancellation with less than 10 days' notice.  

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