You are very welcome to attend this free webinar on wellbeing and thyroid disease. We will be joined by:

Dr Carla Moran, Consultant Endocrinologist, who has a special interest in thyroid disorders

Dr. Sue Jackson, Chartered Psychologist, who has extensive knowledge of research into a variety of endocrine disorders and health service improvement

Our webinar chair will be Mrs Greta Lyons, Endocrine Research Nurse

The presentations will discuss both psychological and physical wellbeing.

There will be an opportunity to put your questions to our speakers during the Q&A session that follows the presentations. You can enter your question into the Q&A function on the night. Alternatively, if you know you cannot make the event, please email your question to [email protected] beforehand and we will put this into the Q&A function on your behalf. Our speakers try their best to answer all patients' questions, but unfortunately, there are always more questions than time allows.

We will share a recording of the webinar afterwards.

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