Thanks for taking the time to visit my fundraising page!

I have decided to take part in the British Thyroid Foundation's Stride for Thyroid, after recently undergoing surgery to remove two lumps or 'nodules' and the right side of my thyroid - also known as a hemi thyroidectomy.

Around a year ago, my mum noticed my neck looked swollen and larger than usual. I immediately went to my GP and was referred for further tests. I'm incredibly grateful that my mum pointed this out when she did and was able to treat it before it progressed.

My Thyroid journey isn't completely over yet, as I await the results from my hemi thyroidectomy and while thyroid cancer is rare - with around 3,900 people being diagnosed in the UK every year - I want to raise as much awareness as possible to encourage people to check their lumps and bumps.

Walking is definitely not something I do often, but throughout October me and my mum will be aiming to walk a total of 50 miles to raise funds for such an incredible cause - and one that is now so close to our hearts. Thank you all in advance for any donations, big or small, that you're able to make. Every little bit will help to make a difference!

Annie xo

Anastasia Smith