Back in 2019 I found a lump in my neck while doing Bear Crawls in the gym! After a trip to the GP I was quickly sent for a biopsy and the result came back as Papillary Thyroid Cancer. Those words .... "you've got cancer" was one of the hardest things to hear but very quickly there was a plan in place and a lot of reading to understand what I was facing. This is where the British Thyroid Foundation was important to me. I needed good, clear information (not 'Dr Google!') and there was plenty of it.

In May 19 I had a hemithyroidectomy but unfortunately my tumor was 'a bit sticky' on my trachea so a date was set for complete removal of my remaining half a thyroid in August. In November 19 I completed my treatment with Radioactive Iodine Ablation. During this time I was looked after by some amazing NHS staff and I'm currently Cancer Free (not cured, I'll never get that) and still under the Oncologist at The Christie but I feel great and I'm ready for a challenge.

So, on Sept 12th I'll be on the start line of the Great North Run 1 year, 44 weeks and 3 days after my treatment finished. I'm nervous and apprehensive for this challenge but I'm hoping to complete the race in less than 3 hours and to raise some money as a celebration and a thank you.

So, if you can spare a few quid, please sponsor me towards enabling this small charity to continue to provide information and support for everyone with thyroid problems. Annmarie Thetford