I am taking on The Great North Run 2022 in support of The British Thyroid Foundation to help raise awareness of thyroid disorders and how they can impact a person's life. Around 1 in 20 people have some sort of thyroid disorder, yet very few people know much, if anything, about these conditions.

Often classed as an 'invisible illness', those with thyroid disorders can experience a range of symptoms that they have to manage on a daily basis.

Following my Hashimoto's diagnosis at 21 years old, running a half marathon is something I never thought my body would physically be able to do. After working hard to manage my condition & symptoms over the years, my thyroid and I are now relatively good friends (we have our fallouts!). I would love to give back to those who supported me over the years, use my experience to raise awareness for others living with thyroid conditions & of course tick off that goal of running a half marathon!

I'll be honest. I entered the Great North Run ballot on a whim, but knew I'd grab the opportunity with both hands if I was successful and I'm determined to complete the race!

I would be so grateful for any support you can provide to The British Thyroid Foundation - such an incredible organisation to help support the thousands of people all over the world that manage thyroid conditions. I am so aware of how difficult times are at the moment, so (and I know everyone says this but I really mean it!), any small donation you can afford would be massively appreciated!

Thanks so much & wish me luck for the 13.1 miles, I'll certainly need it!

Ellie x

Ellie Butcher