Gemma McAnespie I’ve suffered from hypothyroidism for over 14 years and it’s only been the past 3 that I have managed to get control over it, for the majority of the time.
I’ve spent the past 2 years on a journey of weight loss and fitness and I haven’t looked back. There are still days when I feel so worn out mentally and physically that i could cry especially when all the people around you don’t understand this illness and just how bad it can make you feel.
I want to run the GNR in aid of all people who suffer from a thyroid illness and for myself! I want to inspire anyone who has recently been diagnosed or who is still really struggling with things and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m 38 and only finding my feet in all of this. If I can turn things around so can you!

Please help me raise some money for this amazing supportive charity. Gemma McAnespie