Sean and I will be taking part in the GNR Newcastle this September 2023 for the British Thyroid Foundation.

We have chosen this charity as it is close to us since the birth of our little boy Lucas.

Lucas is a crazy (nuts), loving, curly-haired typical lad who is thriving! But at 7 days old, following the results of a heel prick test Lucas was sent to Manchester Children’s Hospital for scans and blood tests which confirmed he didn’t have a functioning thyroid! The doctors explained what this meant to us, which to any parent was a pretty big deal, it still is, but with each milestone hit it gets lighter.

Congenital Hypothyroidism (CHT) is a condition resulting from an absent or under-developed thyroid gland or one that has developed but cannot make thyroid hormone because of a ‘production line’ problem.

The thyroid hormone is essential for brain development in infancy and normal growth in childhood and adolescence.

Lucas takes medication daily, has blood tests regularly and sees his consultant every 6 months. This will be reevaluated when he’s 5 to see if it can work on its own. If not, it becomes for life. He takes it all in his stride, he’s small, but mighty (boisterous!) and by that he beats us all up.

The money we raise will go to supporting newly diagnosed patients and helping support parents like us find out more Information to support any medical queries they may have.

Thanks in advance and wish me luck… Sean will be fine!!

Jodi Collum