One year ago our world was turned upside down when my daughter, Emily, was diagnosed with Graves' Disease. We entered the world of thyroid function tests and were surprised by how little knowledge the general public has about thyroid conditions.

I am taking part in the Great North Run to raise awareness of thyroid disorders and to fundraise for the BTF. We particularly want schools to realise how much thyroid disorders can impact on students' health. There are teens out there currently suffering the effects of thyroid disease and parents who are struggling to relay the seriousness of their condition to schools.

Everyone will know someone with a thyroid condition but they often think it’s just a case of taking some tablets and that’s it. Having watched Emily go through the first year of treatment, and seeing the effects it has had on her, has convinced me that there needs to be more awareness about the thyroid and the vital role it plays in our body.  

DeAnna Benjafield