I am fundraising for the British Thyroid Foundation as I want to raise awareness and support for the work they do supporting people with thyroid disorders. I had my thyroid removed a year ago in September. This was to treat my overactive thyroid. It was the most difficult thing to go through as I knew how being ‘thyroid-less’ would affect my health after the surgery. However, nearly a year on I am doing so much better and want to give something back to those going through similar.
Whether it’s you, a family member, a friend, or someone you may have seen, living with thyroid disease, let’s give something to them to help them get the information and support that they desire. I had suffered with a thyroid issue for a good few years. A year after having surgery, and with the help of specialists, I am where I want to be. So, I now want to raise awareness for a cause close to my heart. So will you help me, please?

Hannah Wallace