I would love to raise more awareness of thyroid diseases and raise money for this extremely worthy cause. Whilst I have done many half marathons in the past, this will be my first half marathon since receiving my diagnosis, and is definitely a challenge this time round - so fundraising will keep me motivated!

I have been a member of the BTF since being diagnosed with Hashimoto's (autoimmune hypothyroidism), a lifelong chronic autoimmune disease impacting your thyroid. I was diagnosed in March 2020, the same week we went into lockdown in the UK. Without the ability to easily see doctors and specialists during the lockdown, I looked to the BTF to help me understand and manage my health whilst getting my head around the complexities of thyroid disease. Because lifelong autoimmune thyroid disease can impact you in many ways, I continue to use their services and would love to give back. Thank you!

Jayne Bailey