I became very ill about 3 years ago, i went to the doctors which the kept telling me it was just hormones as i was only 20/21 years old. I kept going to the doctors because my health kept deteriorating and i was so worried. Finally got a doctor who listened and took my bloods, the results came back that i had hyperthyroidism (Over active thyroid) and Graves' disease which is an eye disease. After being on medication for a year i still felt terrible, was unable to work which made me very depressed and down all the time. This diagnosis didn't just affect my health, i lost a lot of weight and my mental health. The medication didnt work so my next option was to get an operation to get my thyroid taken out, which happened just over a year ago now. I am now hypothyroidism and still on medication which i will be on for the rest of my life. My weight has been one of my biggest issues during these last couple years but i am feeling healthier and happier now than i was.

I would love to give back to the British Thyroid Foundation and that is why me and my cousin Robyn are walking 10,000 steps everyday in the month of may, so if you would like to help us along the way by donating we would be so grateful.

Nicole Lamb