I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 2018, had a total thyroidectomy in August 2022 and was diagnosed with papillary thyroid carcinoma.

I had radioactive iodine ablation therapy in November 2022 and am awaiting scans and blood test results to see whether I am 'cured of cancer'. Fingers crossed!!

Up and down the country, millions of people live with a thyroid disorder. And yet many of us feel isolated by our condition.

Symptoms are not always immediately obvious. This can make it hard for those around us to understand just how much thyroid disorders can affect our physical and psychological health. Which can make it pretty lonely at times.

The British Thyroid Foundation (BTF) want to change this. That’s why this October I am taking part in the 'Stride for Thyroid' sponsored walk. Will you help me raise awareness of thyroid conditions and put them firmly on the map?

And to help BTF be there for anyone living with a thyroid disorder, I am asking that you sponsor my stride. Every donation, large or small, will help BTF to continue their work.

Dina Caig