I have chosen to participate in the London Landmarks half marathon as a target for getting back into sport following the birth of two children and an update in thyroid medications.

I have chosen to run for the British Thyroid Foundation (BTF) as even now nine years after my diagnosis I am still learning things about my condition all the time. BTF not only supports those with thyroid disease by providing resources to help understand and manage thyroid conditions, but is also committed to funding research into all forms of thyroid disease which will improve the treatment and care for patients in the future.

Had I had I known about this, and had the support of charities like BTF things may have been different in my process of learning to live with an underactive thyroid.

My thyroid journey - 

I was unwell from the age of 17 to 21 with complaints such as fatigue, brain fog (my now husband can tell you all about how I was 'never really in the room'), migraines, weight gain, menstrual cycle disturbance, dry skin, muscle aches the list goes on. I saw various doctors and had a few trips to A&E all throughout university, I was diagnosed with various other health complaints and prescribed all sorts of medications such as beta blockers and birth control options before doctors finally assessed my thyroid levels, leading to my diagnosis.

Had I known more about the thyroid I could have pushed for the testing sooner, which would have made being at university a lot easier!

Once I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I was given medication and sent on my merry way. I had to do all my own research into what this was how to manage it, and what it meant with regards to lifestyle changes and even the chances of effects it would have on my choice to have children (thankfully I had no serious issues in pregnancy and have two lovely children).

All of the above is why I think it is important to donate to charities such as BTF so others don't have the same drawn-out process to getting back to a better state of health, from a condition that is actually fairly common. 

If you have read this far well done, please sponsor me! 

Thanks, Charlotte x


Charlotte Wright