I'm running a 5K (hopefully a fast one) to raise money for The British Thyroid Foundation, a cause that is very important to me and that works to support those with thyroid disorders in the UK.

The BTF does amazing work to further research and understanding about what are often misunderstood disorders with life changing impacts on both physical health and mental wellbeing. It can cause confusion and be debilitating to manage the many symptoms that thyroid disorders can bring. Treatment is not an easy fix and once diagnosed these conditions usually last for our entire lives.

So I thought why not try and help support the BTFs mission by running a 5k in Regents Park on 22nd July!

I've always preferred short and fast running, I get a bit bored over longer distances so Ii'm aiming to push myself over this shorter distance and see how well I can do!

If you are able to support me in my goal I'd be really grateful for any donation no matter how small, it will all help me to reach my goal :)

I'll be running with a BTF shirt on 22nd July and if anyone fancies coming down for the morning of 22nd July to support me in Regents Park I'll be having a celebration drink/coffee etc. after it!

Thanks for your support,

Will :)

Richard William Preisner