After the success of her 2019 Bake off, Vivian decided to hold her second workplace 'Control Account Team Bake Off' among her colleagues in March. Vivian said: We started the fundraiser to encourage some friendly competition amongst colleagues but most importantly to raise money for a charity very close to my heart. My stepdaughter, Evelyn, was born without a thyroid. When she was born, she appeared to be a very quiet baby. Her mum and dad thought 'Great, we have an easy baby!' The horrible truth was her body was starting to shut down. Thankfully, her heel prick test discovered something was wrong and she was immediately rushed into hospital. For the rest of her life she will be on daily medication and has to have regular blood tests until advances in medical science are made. I was not fully aware of the function of the thyroid until I met Evelyn and was shocked to understand how our bodies rely upon it. Thanks to charities like BTF we are hopeful that Evelyn will live a normal life and have access to support groups when she becomes an adult. 

Vivian and her colleagues raised £145.00 for the BTF

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