This is now the 3rd year that our wonderful family will be running a half marathon together (now an annual tradition) which will be taking place on Sunday 18th of September. A few weeks later than usual to coincide with an organised race event. 

Due to current locations, race day will be split around the world yet we're united in spirit and cause:

  • Sydney, AU: “Blackmore Sydney Running Festival” - Brad & I.
  • Stoke-on-Trent, UK - Dad, Sarah, Lee, Matt & Inna with support from Mum and Jack.

Again this year we are wishing to continue our support to raise money to help the British Thyroid Foundation; a cause close to our hearts. 

Anything that you feel you can give to support us in this challenge would be greatly appreciated! 

Katie’s JustGiving page

We are running because we can. For those who can no longer. For fun, camaraderie and to provide inspiration for those who need it.

Thank you, Kate and #TeamTombs x


At just 27 years old, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer out of the blue. The end of August 2022 marks four years since then following life-saving surgery & treatment to remove the organ and associated disease. 

Now I am four years cancer free, living in Sydney, and embracing #nothyroidlife. Celebrating all that I am, my body's continuous healing journey, and knowing that we can all do hard things. 

As such, No Thyroid? No Problem! is now my motto. 

Born from life's greatest challenge, crafted into a soul mission to prove that a life of no limits is possible for my fellow thyroid-less thrivers. 

Let's raise some money to support those who need help navigating associated chronic conditions and provide inspiration along the way.