I was diagnosed with Graves Disease which is an overactive thyroid gland at the age of 28. The condition can be very challenging at times. Some days I don't know how I get through it but somehow it always gets done. Some days I'll demolish everything in my path and other days I'll be holding on for dear life. An autoimmune disease isn't fun. Just because we look ok on the outside doesn't mean we're ok on the inside. I don't let this condition beat me in case you haven't noticed. All the things I have overcome like many thyroid sufferers. The panic attacks, the weight gain or loss, the anxiety, insomnia, hair loss, this list is long. All the mornings I've gotten out of bed crippled with exhaustion not matter how hard it was. My Mum also has the same condition & my niece Eavan has also just been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid gland at 15 so this cause is very close to my heart🩵🦋.

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