Nancys story...

This begins over 15 years ago when I found a was thyroid cancer(Level 3).

By the time Iris (I named it) was taken out she had given birth to a secondary (Garry). After a nine hour operation I was only left with a few secondary cells. I had two bouts of radiation treatment (yes I've swallowed radiation from Sellafield!) I am now left keeping it all together with a substitute thyroxine I take every day.

Until this I never knew how important your thyroid was to everything you do and took for granted how powerful this tiny organ is. It regulates everything and is pretty much the first ever environmentally friendly super fuel!

So how did I get to this today...well I wanted a jacket from the 2019 London Marathon (the one you get for not getitng in) and listening to a good friend (Liz) and twin (Grace) I was fairly confident of not getting in at ballot. Guess what...I never got the jacket!

Sooooo I decided to do this justice and deferred until 2020 (Yes I'm definitely doing the Marathon in April 2020!!) and am now in training (and yes, running to the bar does count!).

Everyone who knows me knows this is not something that is going to be easy for me...but as the Chair of the British Thyroid Foundation I figured I knew what charity I had to run for and I knew that everyone that has laughed will delve deep into their pockets to sponsor get digging and donating!!

Love Nancy 

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