Sometimes people can have long-lasting symptoms where the cause cannot be explained by medical investigations or tests. These are called Medically Not Yet Explained Symptoms (MNYES) or medically unexplained symptoms. Some of the symptoms overlap with those experienced by some thyroid patients and can include fatigue, pain, stomach or bowel problems and problems with movement (such as tremors, shakes and weakness). MNYES is relatively common. It is thought that 10-30% of GP appointments are made in relation to MNYES.

The James Lind Alliance is group of patients, carers, clinicians, and researchers who want to improve the care and quality of life of patients with MNYES. It has set up a Priority Setting Partnership on MNYES. The aim is to give you the opportunity to identify the most important questions you would like to see answered in future research in this area.

They are inviting people with experiences of MNYES to complete a 10 minute survey. This is your opportunity to ask the questions you would like to see prioritised in research to help improve future diagnosis and care.

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