We would like to express our sadness at the news of former BTF Trustee, Nikki Kieffer’s death on 28 October 2019. As a specialist endocrine nurse at Leicester Royal Infirmary, Nikki supported many thyroid patients throughout her career. She also worked tirelessly to raise awareness among GPs and patients of the importance of optimising thyroxine replacement levels in women during pre-conception and pregnancy to aid baby’s development and the mother’s health.

Having observed that women were often not seen by the dedicated endocrine/antenatal clinic at Leicester Royal Infirmary until well into their second trimester, Nikki was keen to study awareness levels of clinical practice and guidelines among GPs and patients.  She successfully applied for the BTF’s Evelyn Ashley Smith Nurse Award in 2010, which facilitated her study of patients and GPs on the thyroid register in the Leicester area.

Her audit established low levels of awareness among Leicester GPs and patients about the need to manage thyroxine levels pre- and post conception. This study prompted an awareness campaign advising GPs about the expert advice available from the endocrine antenatal service. A quick guide on how to manage thyroxine replacement levels was also made available to pregnant women in the area. This work paved the way for further awareness campaigns across the UK.

Nikki will be much missed across the sector and we would like to express our sympathy to Nikki’s family at this time.

Full details of Nikki’s 2010 BTF Nurse Award 2010 study can be found here