T3 safety study  - option for patients to opt-out of their data being used in this research

The BTF is funding a study at Cardiff University in which researchers will study the long-term safety of liothyronine in patients. They will investigate whether patients who receive T3 have a greater long-term risk of developing heart problems, strokes and death compared with patients treated with levothyroxine.  

The researchers will carry out this investigation using the records of 4,000 patients treated by Dr Skinner’s private clinic. To protect patients’ anonymity, the researchers will receive no identifiable information about the patients involved. For example, the NHS number is removed from these records and date of birth is changed to year of birth.

If you do not wish for your records to be included in this study, you have the right to opt out before 31 December 2023. Please follow the links on the document below to opt out, as researchers are unable to do this on your behalf.

How to opt-out 

Read about the study