On a glorious sunny day, our band of BTF runners took to the streets of Newcastle to compete in the Great North Run. 

Each runner had their personal motivation for taking part: from having overcome ill health to running on behalf  of a loved one. All were united in their wish to support our work informing and supporting people with thyroid disorders. 

As runner Neil Wallace put it: The BTF helped me. And now I would like to help them.

Special mention goes to Roisin Sharp. Diagnosed with hypothyroidism t an early age, Roisin took part in the Junior Great north Run for an incredible Fifth year! 

Here are some of our fantastic runners: 

Pictured clock wise from the left: Linda sharp £280; Andrea Robinson and Judith Leader, £623; Ashley Barlow, £340, David Johnston and Chris McKelvey, £195; Steve Woollven, £320; Sarah and Keith Lunt, £125; Roisin Sharp, £158; Neil Wallace, £656