An undiagnosed or uncontrolled thyroid disorder can make it harder to conceive and can cause problems during pregnancy. We have guidance to help patients understand more about their thyroid disorder and how it may affect, or be affected by, pregnancy.

In addition, we have resources for medical professionals, consisting of two protocols, a template and a leaflet (information prescription) which have now been adopted by EMIS Health.

If you've been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder you should let your doctor know that you're trying for a baby because they may need to make changes to your medication. Women with a history of thyroid disease in their families and trying for a baby can be at risk of thyroid disease. 

If you're pregnant or want to get pregnant and you have thyroid disease or a history of thyroid disease in your family, please see the information on the following links:

Pregnancy and Thyroid Disorders - Guidance for Patients

Pregnancy and Thyroid Disorders - Information for Professionals

Article on thyroid disorders and pregnancy

Thyroid in Pregnancy - FAQs

Pregnancy and thyroid disorders alert card

Breastfeeding and thyroid disease

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