Remembering us in your Will

Most of our work is possible due to the generosity of people who have remembered the British Thyroid Foundation (BTF) in their Will. These gifts enable us to continue to provide support and information to people and their families who are affected by thyroid disorders. They also support vital research projects that will benefit patients for years to come. 

By leaving a gift to us in your Will you will be helping to improve outcomes for thyroid patients both today and in the future. Every gift, no matter the amount, makes a difference. 

Sister Doris Godfrey 

When Doris Godfrey died, aged 90, she kindly made a gift to BTF in her Will. Doris was affected by hyperthyroidism. She was born in 1923 and worked as nurse at St James’s Hospital in Leeds. For much of her career, she was the Sister of the Children’s Surgical Ward.  

Doris’s generous support funded two BTF Research Award grants, in 2016 and 2017. The work carried out in these projects will make important contributions to improve understanding of thyroid disorders and to benefit patients in the future. Follow the link to read more about the Doris Godfrey Research Awards.   

By making a gift in your Will, like Doris you could fund future important research into thyroid disease. 

If you have already made a gift to the BTF then we’d like to say a big thank you! 

Why should I make a Will? 

By making a Will you will be making sure that your money, property, possessions and investments (known as your estate) go to the people and causes you care about. A gift of just 1% of your estate, means the remaining 99% goes to those closest to you.

How to make a gift in your Will to the BTF 

Once you’ve provided for your loved ones, we would be extremely grateful if you would make a gift in our favour. It can be anything from a specific amount of money to a particular item or a percentage of your estate. Your gift will make a real difference for people living with thyroid disease both now and into the future. 

We would always recommend using a solicitor to make a Will to ensure that your wishes are carried out as you intend them to be. You could ask friends and family for recommendations or go to The Law Society website to find a solicitor in your area.

If you would like to include a gift to the BTF you will need to provide your solicitor with our name, address and charity number given below: 

British Thyroid Foundation 
Suite 12, One Sceptre House 
Hornbeam Square North 
Hornbeam Park 
HG2 8PB 

Registered charity No: 1006391, Scotland SC046037 

If you are making your Will online, many Will writing services give you the option to donate to a charity of your choice. Again, you would need to use our name 'British Thyroid Foundation' and registered charity number (see above). 

If you would like further information before making a decision about whether to leave a gift to us please email[email protected] or phone us on 01423 810093.  

You can also let us know about your decision to leave a gift to the BTF if you would like to. 

To find out more about how making a gift in your Will helps us support the thousands of thyroid patients who turn to us each year please click on our leaflet below.

Other ways of giving