Our member asks:

I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease a few years ago. After taking carbimazole for over a year I became euthyroid and was able to stop treatment. I am now trying to become pregnant and was wondering if I am now completely clear of hyperthyroidism or could the illness come back? 

Our medical advisor replies:

You should have thyroid function tests and thyroid stimulating hormone receptor antibodies (TRAb) checked in the first trimester. Even if you are euthyroid, if the TRAb is positive, you should be referred to a local antenatal clinic during pregnancy. This is precautionary but because thyroid receptor antibodies cross the placenta, monitoring during pregnancy is recommended.

There is a risk of Graves' disease relapse pre-pregnancy or in early pregnancy, or in the postpartum period.Thyroid function tests should be checked if you develop symptoms of hyperthyroidism at any stage, or in early pregnancy. 

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