I'm 13 now and I was born with congenital hypothyroidism (CHT). I don't think that having CHT is a problem but on occasions I do forget to take my tablet. So long as I do remember I find it very easy to take my tablet in the morning because I just put it in my mouth and chew. It’s quite simple. I used to hate having my blood tests but after seeing mum and dad doing it when I was about 7, I decided it wasn't so bad and so I got braver and now I just hop on the chair and just watch the needle go into my arm. Having a thyroid like this doesn't affect me at school, I just hang out with friends and get on with school, it also doesn't affect me at home or anywhere else.

With the help of my special friend Ducky (who comes to all my appointments with me!) and my mum I can get through the blood tests and I take my tablet…..most of the time.