Pupils Yo Yo, Lexi, and Mar had their entire school cheering them on in the
Just Danceathon challenge they undertook to raise awareness of thyroid disease.

Lexi: The event was such an amazing opportunity to raise money and have fun not only that but the organisation were fantastic in supporting us and cheering us on!’ 

‘I was proud and privileged to raise money for such an underrated charity, would absolutely do it again’ 

 Mar: "I'm glad to have participated in an event that I'm connected to on such a personal level"

"I would happily take part in something like this again, with hopes to put even more effort into it than I have before"

 Yo Yo: ‘This was such an honour to be able to organise and be part of. It has been such an amazing opportunity and I feel so privileged to do something and help to make a change for not only people around me but also people of the wider community.’

‘British Thyroid Foundation as a charity itself have been an incredible help, and support the entire way and it’s truly been a privilege to fundraise for.’ 

The dancers raised £350 for our work