Will you Stream for Thyroid? 

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Calling gamers, streamers and content creators!

Stream for thyroid and help the 1 in 20 people in the UK living with a thyroid condition.

Whether you’re playing your favourite games or streaming about your skills or hobbies, going live will help people live better with thyroid disease.

 How to Stream for Thyroid


 Create your fundraiser on Tiltify

Then simply select the platform you would like to stream your event on and set your fundraising target.

Tell and your followers about it

The more people know about your event, the more you’re likely to raise. We’d love to know about your event so please fill out and return our fundraising form. We’ll then send you your free BTF T-shirt and can help you publicise your streaming event


Go live and start fundraising

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Find graphics and overlays to use on your streaming platform and on your socials

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How your fundraising makes a difference

As well as creating greater awareness of thyroid conditions, you’ll be helping us to support people across the UK to live better with thyroid disease.

Will you help us put a spotlight on thyroid disease?

Holding a livestream event helps to create awareness for this often ‘invisible’ disease.

Here are some key facts to share with your supporters

·         Up to 1 in 20 people in the UK live with a thyroid disorder

·         This tiny gland has an enormous effect on both our physical and emotional health

·         Thyroid disorders are up to 10 times more common in women than in men

·         Thyroid cancer is rare but is increasing in incidence

·         It’s often described as an ‘invisible’ illness. Symptoms can be non-specific so get confused with other conditions. A simple blood test can help diagnose a thyroid disorder

·         Research into thyroid disease is massively underfunded compared with other autoimmune conditions

With your help, we can support people to live better with thyroid disease.

Thank you

Your questions answered

What can I stream?

Anything! Our best tip would be to stream about something you are passionate about. This could be anything from holding a gaming event, doing a cookery demonstration or holding a fitness masterclass. The only limit is your imagination!

What is Tiltify?

Tiltify is a fundraising platform designed for live streamers. It is simple to link from platforms, such as Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Live to Tiltify. Using this platform means all your donations come to one place. We receive these directly from Tiltify after your livestream event saving you the hassle.

What support can you provide me with?

We’d love to help you publicise your event! Remember to use our hashtag #StreamForThyroid and to tag us on your socials @britishthyroidfoundaton (Facebook,  Instagram) or @britishthyroid (Twitter X, TikTok) so can share your stream details with our followers. Don’t forget to take a look at our download centre for images to share across your socials. Alternatively, get in touch and we would be delighted to help [email protected]

How can I boost my fundraising?

Tiltify offers lots of ideas to maximise your fundraising. You can use milestones, polls, incentives and rewards to keep your audience's attention and persuade them to donate. Take a look at Tiltify’s incentive ideas for more inspiration.

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes. All fundraisers need to be over the age of 18.

When can I hold my event?

It is completely up to you! Some people like to hold their events to coincide with thyroid awareness weeks or months. These are:

January – Thyroid Awareness Month

4 February – World Cancer Day

Last week in May – International Thyroid Awareness Week

September – Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month