Curtis's son Lochlan was born with congenital hypothyroidism, which is rare in babies. He is going to be on medication for life and, even though it’s very treatable, I feel like there hasn’t been enough research into thyroid related conditions.

Lochlan has his thyroid gland, but it doesn't work properly (underactive). If untreated it could have been detrimental to his development and could have led to a number of health issues. However, luckily we caught it early. By fundraising, I hope to help the BTF invest in more research as in nearly 30 years, not even £1m has been raised. This will then help find out if it can be cured or even treated better.

This would be very beneficial - especially for babies like Lochlan - as it would help them not have to go through the ordeal of going through the endless blood tests and appointments like we have in the 4 months he’s been here.

On the plus side, Lochlan has been on medication since he was 12 days old. Thanks to his consultant and the heel prick test, he hopefully shouldn’t experience any side effects or developmental issues. He is currently doing amazingly well and hitting all his milestones and more, just like every baby deserves.

Curtis Shipp