In the summer of 2023 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, this came as a big shock as only 3 years prior I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and I was still dealing with the aftermath of that diagnosis. As a 23 year old dealing with a cancer diagnosis I didn’t know where to turn and I was entirely sure I even knew what a thyroid was or what it did. I made a post on Instagram, and instantly the British Thyroid Foundation reached out via DM to introduce themselves.

They explained what my cancer diagnosis meant, guided me towards MacMillan support, explained the different treatments for thyroid cancer and what life would like going forward. Since I have had two thyroid surgeries as my cancer spread to my lymph nodes and I know live without a thyroid.

During all of this the British Thyroid Foundation maintained contact with me and helped me to get in touch with clinicians, and ask the right questions.

Going through cancer diagnosis at a young age is overwhelming, and navigating appointments and life after treatment and having life changing surgeries is difficult for anyone. Charities like the BTF are so important and I am running this half marathon to raise money so they can continue to help people like myself in the future.

I also want to prove to myself and others that a cancer/tumour diagnosis at a young age doesn’t mean your life is over forever, and even though this training process will be long and hard I want to do this to feel back in control of my own body again. Cancer can take away my thyroid but it won’t take away my spark. ✨

Lucy Younger