In Memory

Christine Baumann

26 Dec 1955 - 12 Apr 2024

Thank you for visiting Mum's donation page, which will be put towards funding research for Advanced Thyroid Cancer.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information or research for the rare types of Thyroid Cancer, such as the Poorly Differentiated Thyroid Cancer that Mum had.

Mum originally noticed a lump in her neck in January 2022 and was referred for investigation. Unfortunately the lump was not removed until November 2022, even though it had presented as having the possibility of becoming cancerous.

In January 2023, a year after finding the original lump, we were informed that the biopsy was in fact a rare and aggressive type of Thyroid Cancer. The remaining half of her thyroid was removed in February 2023 and we were given the good news that the cancer hadn't spread to the other half. However, nodules were then found on her lungs and while there seemed to be no concern from the hospital, our concerns as a family grew, as Mum developed an ongoing cough. Mum was taken into hospital for Radioactive Iodine Treatment in an attempt to attack any remaining cells within the thyroid.

At the end of October a routine eye test suggested that Mum may have suffered a stroke and she was sent to A&E. This resulted in being sent home for a further appointment several weeks away. In November 2023 Mum developed numbness down one side of her left leg and would complain of a fuzzy head. Mum had sat in A&E for over 20 hours and had been sent home regarding this with no further tests.

As a family we noticed that she was beginning to become muddled and confused, and not her usual self. Mum was adamant not to bother the hospital again, as she was patiently waiting for answers. Finally, we forced her to go to an alternative A&E, where we were quickly seen and given the heartbreaking news that Mum had three lesions on her brain. In January 2024, Radiotherapy was given to target the brain cancer and Mum's health deteriorated rapidly from here. 

The last few months of Mum's life were spent with her being very unwell and mostly sleeping. Sadly, we were unable to have any quality time after this diagnosis due to Mum's health. However, Mum remained in good spirits and kept her sense of humour along the way. She was never one to cause a fuss and didn't like to be rude when she had visitors. Mum was a very special lady and we thought the world of her. Her family meant everything to her and she touched so many people's lives. We live in hope that other families will not need to go through the agonising loss that we are now experiencing. In memory of a loving Partner to John, Mum, Nanny, Sister, Auntie and Friend xx

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