Radioiodine has been used as a treatment for thyroid cancer for more than 80 years. Although clinically effective, the preparations and precautions patients need to take can sometimes be complex and daunting. The guidance on this can also vary from one hospital setting to another. 

In response to patient groups’ calls for greater clarity, a multidisciplinary group has issued guidance for treatment centres on best practice for preparing patients for radioiodine treatment and managing precautions post-treatment. Particular focus has been given to settings offering personalised advice to patients. 

The multidisciplinary group has also created a patient information leaflet addressing frequently asked patient questions about undergoing radioiodine treatment.  We are pleased to have endorsed this important guidance along with other patient organisations and hope this will lead to improved experiences for thyroid cancer patients undergoing this treatment. 

Thank you to the multidisciplinary group for their hard work in creating this guidance. 

Read more at: 

Patient information leaflet – Radioactive iodine treatment  

Guidelines – Patient Preparation and Radiation Protection Guidance for Adult Patients Undergoing Radioiodine Treatment for Thyroid Cancer in the UK.