We have put together a short sequence of films of people talking about their experiences of hypothyroidism. 

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Scott Wilkes is Professor of General Practice and Primary Care, University of Sunderland, and part-time GP in Amble, Northumberland. He has over fifteen years' experience as an NHS researcher and currently working on a number of thyroid focussed research projects in primary care. Dr Wilkes says "Hypothyroidism is a common condition affecting approximately 3 million people in the UK. The presenting symptoms can be very non-specific, ignored by patients and missed by professionals. These short films highlight patients' experience of diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism".

Alison, who was diagnosed at age 44, was very despondent after her diagnosis of hypothyroidism, feeling that she had lost control of her life. After a period of 'mourning' the person she used to be, she realised she didn't want to feel like this for the rest of her life, so she decided to change the way she thought about her condition and simply to see it as a new challenge. She worked slowly but surely on optimising her treatment until one day she had a revelation and realised "I'm back!"

Maret is 40 years old and was diagnosed after a miscarriage in July 2010. Her hypothyroidism was caused by an auto-immune disease known as 'Hashimoto's thyroiditis'. Doing research herself she discovered lifestyle changes that helped her control her symptoms.

Danielle, was diagnosed with congenital hypothyroidism when she was a baby. When she was a teenager she went through phases of poor compliance but has always been in good health. Her son was born in 2011. In recent years Danielle has become a keen runner.

Support and information on hypothyroidism are available here. Many patients also find our network of volunteer telephone contacts and local support groups a valuable resource.

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