We have put together a short sequence of films of people talking about their experiences of thyroid cancer. 

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Dr Mark Vanderpump is a Consultant Physician and Endocrinologist in full-time private practice based at The Physicians’ Clinic, London

His main area of expertise is thyroid disease and he participates in regional multidisciplinary meetings discussing the management of patients with thyroid cancer. He was elected President of the British Thyroid Association in 2014.

Jeanne was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer at the age of 15. She subsequently underwent surgery followed by radioactive iodine therapy. Now five years in remission, Jeanne is keen to share her story to support others diagnosed with thyroid cancer 

Cory is 21 years old and was diagnosed with follicular thyroid cancer in October 2012. After an intense period of treatment he was given the all clear in September 2013 and is now determined to see things differently. Life's not a challenge, he says, it's a set of opportunities!

Glenda first found a lump in her neck in November 2004 when she was aged 47. The lump was removed the following year and a biopsy confirmed it was papillary thyroid cancer. Glenda was also treated with radioactive iodine treatment. Despite some complications along the way Glenda has been in remission since 2007 and has succeeded in remaining busy and positive.

Beth was 20 when she was diagnosed with follicular thyroid cancer in July 2013. The diagnosis came just days before she was due to begin a year-long placement with Nestlé during her third year of university. Beth was treated with surgery and radioactive iodine and remained determined that the diagnosis would not affect her work and studies. She has since returned to university and hopes to receive the all-clear later this year.

Support and information on thyroid cancer are available here. Many patients also find our network of volunteer telephone contacts and local support groups a valuable resource.

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