BTF News 92 (Hard copy)

Issue 92 - July 2016 - All postal newsletters are subject to availability (includes postage and packaging)

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In this issue 

  • News from BTF HQ:page 2
  • Out and About:page 4
  • In the Media:page 4
  • BTF Projects Update: page 5
  • Fundraising and Donations:page 6
  • My story: A mother's experience of having a child born with congenital hyperthyroidism:page
  • Feature: The history of thyroid hormone replacement by Dr Stefan Slater: page
  • Feature: How thyroid disorders affect bones: page 10
  • Research News: New studies on the causes of Graves' disease, possible combined T4/T3 treatment, and new findings supporting universal thyroid screening in pregnancy: page 11
  • Doris Godfrey Research Award Winner: page 11
  • Letters and Comments:page 12
  • Local Groups listings and information: page 15
  • BTF Support Contacts:page 16

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