Questions about your thyroid condition?

 Our volunteer telephone contacts take calls on the thyroid disorders they have experienced.

Please note, our telephone coordinators are volunteers and although they will make every effort to be available at the times published this cannot always be guaranteed. Please do not call outside of the published times. 

Wilma Underactive thyroid 01908 563289
Kath Underactive thyroid 07791 534456
Caroline Overactive thyroid, underactive thyroid 0113 2886393
Margaret Papillary cancer of the thyroid 0131 6647223
Dave Papillary cancer of the thyroid, thyroid cancer surgery, radioactive iodine ablation 07939 236313
Jackie Papillary cancer of the thyroid, thyroid cancer surgery 01344 621836
Gay Goitre, thyroid surgery (non-cancer) 0208 7359966
Angela Underactive thyroid 01943 873427 9am to 5pm weekdays, 10am to 5pm weekends
Karen Underactive thyroid 01628 529212 10am to 2pm Mon-Thurs
Ann Overactive Thyroid, Thyroid Eye Disease, Radioactive Iodine Treatment and Thyroid Surgery 01642 300709 2pm-5pm Weds and Fri afternoon
Maria  Underactive Thyroid 0208 7934360
Louise Congenital Hypothyroidism 07951 560274
Joan Underactive Thyroid 01392 874517
Kellie Thyroid cancer, radioactive iodine ablation 07725 726860 10am to 2pm Mon-Thurs
Jackie Overactive thyroid 01788 815808

2pm-5pm weekdays & Saturdays

Kate  Thyroid disorders in children 07791 007673

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