In lieu of 50th birthday presents, Anita asked her friends to donate to the BTF through her Facebook fundraiser. She explained: Since my diagnosis with autoimmune hypothyroidism (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis) at the age of 17, I have had lots of changes to my medication in the intervening 33 years. At one point,
my levothyroxine dose was 350mcg! I am now on T4/T3 combination therapy which has helped to stabilise things. When I learnt my thyroid condition had led to my daughter being born 10 weeks prematurely 21 years ago, I started looking for more information on hypothyroidism. This is when I found out about the BTF.
Your website and newsletter have always been informative and supportive. It is great to see thyroid conditions being more talked about compared to when I was diagnosed all those years ago. I felt I wanted to give something back to mark my 50th birthday and to promote a charity that has supported me over the
past 30 plus years. Please keep up the great work you do!

Anita raised £195 for the BTF.

Anita with her 50th cake!