Thank you to all our BTF runners who took part in the London Landmarks Half Marathon 2023.

Chris - Having been on a bit of a journey myself with being diagnosed with Hashimotos, I realised how undiagnosed this is within men especially. I also, being a very impatient man generally had to learn to be patient whilst the daily tablets take effect. It became clear to me that the research and awareness of conditions surrounding the thyroid need a lot more attention which is why I decided to run for the BTF

The event though was amazing, the crowd made a massive difference, and although sore after, I was delighted to have finished and within the time I set myself. 

Chris raised £1160 for the BTF 

Mia - Running for BTF was one of my biggest accomplishments in 2023. I was running to raise awareness of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis - an autoimmune disease that can cause the thyroid not to make enough thyroid hormone. Since the symptoms of Hashimoto's are easily confused with that of other diseases (or even one being lazy), it is so hard to diagnose and get treated. BTF provides useful information on their website, and I want to help make the information available to more people. Training for a half marathon was not easy but I enjoyed the event a lot! Thanks, BTF!'

Mia raised £451.00 for the BTF

Paige - It was an honour to complete the London Landmarks Half Marathon for The British Thyroid Foundation. It was a sentimental achievement which myself and my family will treasure.

Paige raised £526 for the BTF